Range Rover Evoque XL – 2016 Release Date

Range Rover Evoque XL will be marketed in 2016. This vehicle is currently known below codename L560 and it will be the result of cooperation of Land Rover with Jaguar. Compared to the current model Evoque, enlarged Evoque XL  2016, will lead the way in many segments, therefore not surprising  the pursuit of the company, when it come in the production cycle, L560 will be  manufactured in 80,000 copies a year.

2016 Range Rover Evoque XL side view

2016 Range Rover Evoque XL, is one of the five models, which will be built on the new Jaguars iq (Al) ,  the aluminum platform. In addition Evoque XL model, now known bearer of this platform is also 2014 Jaguar CX-17 Concept crossover, which was presented in Frankfurt 2013. The combination of aluminum and recycled materials, this XL SUV, will make much easier in comparison to the current Evoque model, but at the same time will also affect on the fuel consumption, which will be reduced.

The influence of the Jaguar, to the new Range Rover model is continuing in the sense of powertrain. According to previous announcements, the Range Rover Evoque XL will be equipped with a brand new JLR HotFire engine with four cylinders. New “HotFire” line of engines in its product range offers turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines, which by its performance, parry Ford EcoBoost engines.

Jaguars aluminum platform

Tata Motors, the owner of the British car manufacturer Land Rover, has recognized the quality of Evoque model, so it is not surprising that special funds be invested just in this “big brother” of the current production model, as well as some other models, which will also be the results of , Jaguar – Land Rover cooperation. Although higher dimensions, 2016 Evoque XL in the product, should take place between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport models.

How much will cost 2016 Range Rover Evoque XL, when start mass production is not yet known. Jaguar SUV, presented as a CX-17 Concept crossover, was estimated at $ 33.000, but the new Evoque XL, although on the same platform with the same motorization have to be more expensive. Both models will be manufactured at the new factory  Solihull in UK.

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