2015 Toyota Prius – Release Date

Despite very strong competition from new hybrid vehicles on the market, the company Toyota, again raised the public on its feet and only with the test drive of the new 2015 Toyota Prius. Maximum disguised vehicle provided little information to hungry spies and photographers, but we’ll try to get you through these photos, and recreate a new Toyota hybrid, fourth generation Prius.

2014 PriusC side view

2015 Toyota Prius, officially it should launch in late 2013 or possibly early in 2014. Considering that rivals the Prius, such as Ford C-Max Hybrid, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Honda Insight, already conquering markets around the world, especially U.S., Toyota’s team does not have much  time for revision and amendment of the current model.

The 2015 Prius will be placed on the platform which is already presented at Toyota NS4 Hybrid Concept, namely C platform. According to unconfirmed information,  Japanese automaker is still considering that the battery will use the new Prius C, and speculate that the nickel-metal-hybrid batteries could be replaced by lithium-ion batteries.  Knowledge  that  Toyota is in partnership with Tesla,  their cooperation could influence the improvement of operation of the new 2015 Prius.

2015 Toyota Prius mpg

1.8L engine that powers the current model could be modified in order to lower consumption and better millage. The new platform and aerodynamic design of the Prius Toyota , will reduce the dimensions of the vehicle to achieve 90mpg, 2.5l/100km which would be a significant improvement over the current model, which goes only 70 miles per gallon. Certainly , CO2 emissions will also be reduced, because the current  Prius with a fuel consumption of 3.5l/100km emits less than 70gr/km.


As for the exterior of 2015 Toyota Prius, unfortunately, official data almost not exist. Some sources claim that the new model will retain the current model dimensions, slightly abridged, both front and rear of the vehicle. Design could certainly keep up with all the other novelties that monitor and other hybrid vehicles, and the derogatory names of the car , with certainly  good performance and features,  could fall into oblivion with every generation earlier.

Price of Prius Hybrid 2015

Since the price of the base model 2013 Toyota Prius can be purchased for $ 25.000, nothing significant higher amount probably will not even have to set aside for a vehicle intended for model year 2015. But, until the official presentation  there is still plenty of time for surprises, which may, a new hybrid generation companies Toyota, significantly raise the price on the world market.

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