2015 Jaguar SUV – Release Date and Price

Jaguar is the next,  in a series of companies,  which will have in its family, and model of SUV crossover vehicle. It is entirely inconceivable that there is a brand that has no offered at least one SUV, the most wanted model globally, or vehicle of the present. Jaguar’s the firstborn, 2015 Jaguar XQ / Q-Type , will be presented to the public at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but only in the concept version.

2015 Jaguar SUV blue

For now, only speculations and rumors, and some official information, 2015 Jaguar XQ, the first Jaguar SUV, connect in three segments, with four vehicles. First, the Range Rover Evoque, because these two models to be built on the same platform. Then the BMW X3 model, which will be the main rival to the market the new Jaguar SUV model. As for the style of the new 2015 Jaguar XQ will largely resemble the Infiniti FX model, while the dimensions of this SUV, standard and optional features literally coincide with the same from Porsche Macan SUV.

First SUV, the company Jaguar, 2015 Jaguar XQ or more 2015 Jaguar Q-Type, will run one of the following engines: 2.0L turbo petrol engine with 4 cylinders and 240 hp, 2.2L SD4 diesel engine and a 3.0L V6 engine with 340 hp . Last in a series , V6 engine , will be installed in 2016 Evoque model. We can not say with certainty which of these will be the base engine, or which Jaguar XQ would offer as an option. The hybrid version of the new Jaguar SUV, was also announced, and it is assumed that it will be manufactured in China. Jaguar Hybrid SUV  will run petrol engine combined with two electric motors. Future Jaguar crossover will be standard 4×4 car, which will in many ways and justify its description as a vehicle that is designed to blur the boundaries between driving a low saloon  and high SUV.

2015 Jaguar SUV black

Nonetheless, it will share its platform with the Range Rover model, and it is  compared  with the Porsche  Macan SUV model, 2015 Jaguar XQ largely retain the distinctive look of Jaguar’s previous models. The roof-line and taillights will be almost identical to those of the Jaguar XF sedan. Extremely tall tailgate and very little rear window will be characteristics inherent in this SUV. Data on the interior and equipment which will dispose of this SUV, so far absent in the notifications and it will definitely be a treat to number one,  this September in Frankfurt.

Price of  2015 Jaguar Q-Type , is again another story. That there be no lack of comparison, journalists made the best effort , presenting information on the most expensive model in the class the new Bentley SUV. Price of  Bently SUV , will be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars, while in 2015 Jaguar SUV would cost about £ 31,000, which makes it no different than its rival BMW X3. Jaguar XQ  will be available on sale  during 2015.

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