2015 Alfa Romeo Spider

Although 2015 is still far away, when we talk about the car industry, the long awaited return of Alfa Romeo company in a big way, it will happen just then, with a model 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider. It may sound as if the Italian manufacturer needed support, but cooperation with company Mazda, the market will get a new Alfa Romeo model, the aim is to restore the popularity of the brand among a broad range of motorsports fans.

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider front page

About 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider model, we find out a lot more after the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but until then, it is certain that the 2015 Spider share its platform and basic steel structure with Mazda MX-5, while the rest of the Alfa Romeo Spider car, will be a mixture of Alfa 4C and Alfa 8C style. Complies with the line of the model’s own home, 2015 Spider could be a perfect blend of Asian speed and accuracy, with European restless spirit and a high level of fun behind the wheel.

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider interior

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider will be equipped with a 1.75L four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 200 hp. This engine is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch gear box and TCT automatic transmission, the new 2015 drivers Spider, will provide a fantastic sports event while simultaneously allowing for greater agility 1.100kg heavy vehicles.

4m long and 1.7m wide, new Alfa  Spider will keep all external features of its predecessor, and the spirit of their original manufacturers. Changed the appearance headlights, streamlined grill, air intakes on either side of a little suspended , windshield and surrounding structure, front bulkhead, front and rear axels, not in any way imply that the team at Mazda, participated in the redesign of the new Spider. All but the platform and body frame, is the work of the hands of Italian engineers, who sought inspiration, those already mentioned, Alfa concepts.

  Alfa Romeo Spider Price

2015 Alfa Romeo Spider will be produced in Japan, and in the showrooms is expected during 2015. Verified information about the price of a new 2015 Spider does not exist, but some sources say that the price needed be much more accessible than Alfa 4C ($ 55,000).The optimal price could be about $ 25,000. Given that the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider will be better equipped than Mazda MX-5, which means it will be more expensive from it  .This model Alfa Romeo will be able to compete with primarily German cars in the same class.

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