2014 Toyota Tacoma

2014 Toyota Tacoma, which by the end of this year should be presented to a wider audience, is the next in a series of pick up trucks, Toyota company, which, with this model wants to correct the shortcomings of its predecessor and its supporters make more content.

2014 toyota tacoma side view

Customer complaints, Toyota’s Tacoma models for year 2012. , related to the interior design, engine performance and brake controller. Despite all the shortcomings, this model won the “Best Compact Truck for the Money”. No matter what, the company Toyota is not giving up on the idea that the 2014 Toyota Tacoma, attracting even more attention, and its redesign, new engines and equipment increased demand for this truck on the market.

2014 toyota tacoma grille

Given that Toyota has not been officially announced on the occasion of appearance 2014 Toyota Tacoma, the data are unofficial, more or less unchecked but that does not mean impossible. Three engines are in the running for a prestigious place under the hood of the new Toyota Tacoma, which will be standard, and which will only be available for a particular trim level, we’ll see.

2014 toyota tacoma up view

7.0L V6 engine with 6 cylinders, 260 hp and 260 lb.-ft. of torque, this would pick up truck could be placed side by side with leading trucks on the market, for example Ford F-150.  Fuel efficiency of 6-cylinders is rated at 26mph and 30mph. Six-speed manual transmission  is now promoted in automatically. Until now stated, we may sound like an engine, we would like to have our Toyota Tacoma in 2014, but not engineers of  Toyota’s team.Why? The Japanese auto industry has set some standards which are very reserved, and its innovations proved through various models of cars, electronics and the various systems through which done better fuel efficiency, what is the future of the industry.

2014 toyota tacoma rear view

Therefore, in addition to a 7.0L V6 engine, very easy, that offers Direct Injection 4.6L and 5.7L 4-cylinder engine, which thanks to this system, reduce consumption, that is, increase fuel efficiency 5 to 10% MPG. Also, some of the engines could run on a Variable Valve Lift System, because Toyota is exceptional fan VVT.

2014 toyota tacoma interior

In line with previous work, and the expectations of the fans of Toyota cars, is expected to design a new interior and exterior. Compared to its predecessor, the 2014 Toyota Tacoma has a more aggressive look, it’s much more streamlined, and has increased fuel tank. New materials will decorate the interior of 2014 Toyota Tacoma, will make it more convenient and more comfortable, and a new dashboard will be redesigned, easier to use with larger buttons,  which  will definitely help you manage.

Price of 2014 Toyota Tacoma

Depending on the model 2014 Toyota Tacoma vehicles, and given all the improvements and enhancements over its predecessor, we expect that the price of the new model will be slightly higher than the $ 17.300.

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