2014 Nissan Frontier

Judging by the number, pickup truck, which are on the market and the number of sales each year, it is not surprising that each of these, increasingly rare, is being completely redesigned. This is the case with the 2014 Nissan Frontier, too, who, already well characterized and confirmed the previous model, put aside, and with very little difference to him, takes his place.

2014 Nissan Frontier side view

Compared to its predecessor, the 2014 Nissan Frontier,  will appear with a changed level of utility, since, according to demand, major complaints and errors, it was not,  in  the model 2013. Three different models of 2014 Nissan Frontier S, SV Attack and SL , differ among themselves by: engine, which they built, cabin volume, as well as cargo space and is certainly interior and standard equipment. This cause the price of each individual.

2014 Nissan Frontier seats

Two engines, which Frontier pick up truck make, so powerful and required, are 2.5L V6 16-valve 4-cylinder with 152 hp and the 4.0L V6 turbo diesel 24-valve, from 260hp. Both engines come in combination with 5-speed transmission, with the engine at the first, he appears as a manual, and in the second case there is an option of automatic transmission, which certainly affects the MPG, which in the case of the 2.5L is 21/25 /23 – city/hwy/combined, and with 4.0L it is 17/21/19  – city/hwy/combined.

2014 Nissan Frontier in the send

Depending on the engine placed under the hood of this powerful vehicle, depends on, his powered, which can be a FWD or AWD. And the same can be said for the dimensions of wheels from 16 “to 18″, which is significant considering that the 2014 Nissan Frontier is often found in off-road driving situations.

2014 Nissan Frontier rear view 2

Cab interior 2014 Nissan Frontier, it has many more modern and sophisticated than its predecessor. In addition to new design and comfort that will give us driving through the leather seats, seat heaters, ambient lighting, audio system, 2014 Nissan Frontier also ends the era of the performance of duties and obligations outside the vehicle.Thanks to Nissan Connect System, the driver is connected to his  phone, receiving a number of useful tips and guidance, without endangering himself or  the vehicle ,  as a complete system, voice activated.

2014 Nissan Frontier interior

Nissan made sure that the all-new 2014 Frontier so safe and secure, both for management and for staying in the vehicle while driving in various conditions. Dual airbags, ABS brakes and all the systems that help the driver to more easily manage the pickup, such as Advance Track, RSC, Trailer Sway Control, Rear View Camera, Hill Descent Control, will be able to find in the standard equipment of the new 2014 Nissan Frontier Pickup Track .

2014 Nissan Frontierdown the hill

Price of 2014 Nissan Frontier

Although equipped with a Keyless entry system order to, in 2014 Nissan Frontier recognize your, first you will have to pay between $ 20,000 and $ 32,000, and thus become its proud owner.

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