2014 Isuzu D-Max – New Pick Up

Although not as well known as some Japanese companies, Isuzu company is not new to the global market. Originally founded in 1916., under the name of Isuzu,  products motor vehicles since 1934. The company annually produces about 350,000 vehicles. A wide range of products of the company, met with a good response from customers, because it contained family cars, SUVs, heavy trucks, buses and motors. Besides the big players in the automobile market, such as Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mazda, and Isuzu saw a chance to grab a share of the market pie for yourself, just pick up the model. 1972., introduced the first, Isuzu pick up model called Faster, which until 2002. produced (three generations), and after that, the place was granted to Isuzu D-Max.

2014 isuzu d-max side view

Cooperation with the General Motors Corporation, provided the punch D-Max on the market. 2014 D-Max, has borrowed platform and a number of parts of the current model Chevrolet Colorado or, GMC Canyon. This, Isuzu, has enabled a good sales result not only D-Max models, but also the complete game Isuzu in USA territory, but only until 2008., when at the beginning of great economic crisis withdrawn a number of vehicles to the North American market. Cooperation with GM continued in 2011., resulting in a new, larger, more robust, aggressive, and certainly the most advanced so far 2014 Isuzu D-Max.

What is certainly the most impressive of the new generation D-Max pick-up is the new 2.5 L turbo diesel engine with two turbochargers. This engine delivers 163 hp at 3600 rpm and maximum torque of 400Nm is available from just 1400 rpm. All this is possible thanks to the use of two turbochargers of them, less for the lower mode, and more, with increasing speed. Power, the new 2014 Isuzu D-Max, increased compared to the previous model by 20% and torque is increased by 40%. D-Max is one of the few cars where the pre-declared data on fuel consumption and performance possible, 100% can be taken for granted, which is certainly commendable. With rear-wheel drive,  or four-wheel drive, 2014 D-Max has an average fuel consumption of 8.5l/100km, which can be reduced, the more a liter or less, if you are an experienced driver. From 0 to 100km / h, this off-road pick-up is achieved in 11 seconds. The new engine, which replaced the former 2.5L turbo diesel and 3.0L turbo diesel engine, excellent “pulls”, but at minimum, “gas”, and the only thing that held it back, is the 5-speed automatic transmission, which is optimized for the smoother and more efficient ride . Climbing the embankments, D-Max is certainly easier, with serial installed Bridgestone Dueler tires.

2014 isuzu d-max up and down

Certainly, we should not ignore, the fact that the 2014 Isuzu D-Max weighs two tons (empty), and at the same time, the primary “service activities” of the vehicle, in the form of a solid payload and towing capacity are in the range of best-in-class. Off-road adventures are a real treat, even though, in fact, D-Max is not meant for them. Long 5.3m 2014 D-Max, with a wheelbase of 3.09m, set in the form of a ladder, where 7 beams carry a full car body. The external appearance is characterized by larger grille, new wider wheel arches, moved A-pillar, redesigned headlights and a lower roof line, which is provided, progress in the field of aerodynamics.

2014 isuzu d-max interior

Besides the length, width and wheelbase, increased the area of ​​the cab Isuzu D-Max  2014. One meter distance from the asphalt, getting into D-Max, facilitating thresholds and handrails. The seats are comfortable and solid dimensions, covered with leather, which is one of the complaints. In addition, as in off-road driving can be expected skating from seats , and because of extremely small gap between the floor and the buttocks area, Isuzu D-Max, is not suitable for long rides, because the position of the legs of passengers in the rear is unnatural, extremely bent at the knees. The instrument panel and steering wheel, although modernized give the impression of an impoverished version of a luxury car. Regardless of first impressions, D-Max has all the necessary features to manage. In the center of the console, attracting attention, circular command climate. Preference should be given the instrument panel, which is extremely convenient and clutter-free. 2014 Isuzu D-Max, was evaluated with 4 star NCAP, which classifies it in a group of extremely safe vehicles, which is supported by six airbags and a range of electronic security systems. As for its length, ease of management and maneuverability 2014 D-Max, is equipped with a rear view camera, and there are more and ESP system, system for electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and traction control system wheel (TCS).

Price of 2014 Isuzu D-Max

Consciously, we can say that the 2014 Isuzu D-Max, not the vehicle without flaws, mainly regarding ergonomics. But on balance, this vehicle is very much encirclement, which now first have adequate marketing approach to the market. 2014 D-MAX, Single Cab Classic package as basic, costing $ 35,520.  Equipped to the highest, Double Cab Premium Package , D-Max costs $ 46,080.

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