2014 Honda Insight – Release Date,Changes and Redesign

When, in 1999, Honda Insight appeared , it was very easy to coax and convince customers that it is just car of their dreams. Well now, after fourteen long years and fascinatingly achievements in the field of automotive engineering, the new 2014 Honda Insight will need, something stronger trump, from the launch, to become the best Honda’s hybrid , even in the next year. In late 2013, when it was scheduled its presentation, we will be able to be fully acquainted with this vehicle.


And before it was fully exposed , model 2014 Honda Insight, as a rival in the class received, Toyota Prius, which, of course fans of hybrids, not left, indifferent, nor, in one area. Completely redesigned Insight 2014 is now a five-door hatchback. While designers listed significantly, increased rear-end, many are already cut off the tail, indicate as a flaw, when entering the vehicle. The striking front grille, blue headlights and rear of the vehicle now has a recognizable features of the new Insight models, but regardless of aerodynamics,  whose support is the exterior design, the interior is in many ways more futuristic.

All variants of the 2014 Honda Insight (HE, HE-T, HS, HS and HX-T) will be  equipped with a 1.3L petrol engine and an electric motor. 87hp and 121Nm of torque certainly will have to deal with the performance of the Toyota Prius, which is primarily a leader when it comes to reduced fuel consumption. In fact the electric motor of the Honda Insight complements the battery during braking and transmission. And this Honda model is equipped with a CVT automatic transmission also ,  which have very little impact on the ride quality, but it still has a role to help bring the vehicle to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption. Nonetheless, Insight 2014, with an average fuel consumption of 68.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 96g/km, it is far behind the hybrid rivals, especially the Toyota Prius (89g/km emissions and 72.4mpg).

2014 Honda Insight front view 2

The interior of the Honda Insight is a separate segment, put on a new trouble by critics, because in addition to the Toyota Prius, come the two other competitors, such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion. Why? His new dimensions, Insight 2014 could be the class of highly desirable family car, but the designer’s decision to leave the coupe roofline, in the beginning, was canceled this option. Extended legroom and a neat special storages still can not compensate for lack of height in the vehicle. But it’s not all bad, because 2014 Honda Insight is rich in terms of equipment in the cockpit and all safety and security systems (ABS, ESP, airbags, 15 “or 16″ alloy whells, climate control, all-round electric windows and MP3 compatibility, automatic lights and wipers, rear parking sensors, front foglights, USB, Bluetooth connectivity, Navigation system with traffic updates and voice recognition).

It should be noted that most of this equipment, are as  the standard package, and taking everything into consideration , the 2014 Honda Insight is a remarkable car in no way inferior to models Honda company. If we had the opportunity to write about all of this a few months ago, for new Insight in 2014, everything would be different, because as always in life, who first appears is more likely that more and win.

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