2014 Ford Ranger

With the introduction of 2014 Ford Ranger, Ford, reminded those who had forgotten that the collection Ranger pickup truck, is one of the most popular and most sought after in the United States in the last 20 years.The new, redesigned 2014 Ford Ranger will not be offered only in the U.S. market. On the contrary, the pickup truck will have a chance, to see and to get to it, in a very accessible way, fans of all Ford vehicles and markets in Asia, South-East Asia and Australia.

2014 Ford Ranger in the city

Each of the three existing models, the 2014 Ford Ranger; Double Excluding Taxi XLT, Limited and Wildtrack, are a new line Ranger pickup, whose only purpose is no longer strictly working or loader. 2014 Ford Ranger with its 7 seats and spacious interior easily grew into the family car,given that the Ford designers used the same T6 platform  , for pickups and SUV version 2014 Ford Ranger.

2014 Ford Ranger side view

This car is powered by a powerful 2.3L I-4 engine with 5-speed manual transmission, which produces 143hp at 5,250 rpm. 3.2L TDCi diesel engine with 6-speed manual / automatic transmission is available with Wildtrack model.


Regardless of the fact that in 2014 Ford Ranger gladly, drive family, it is still a vehicle that can easily struggles with rugged terrain, unpaved roads in all kinds of conditions.That the 2014 Ford Ranger still retains the old function Pickups Track proven equipment that each driver will feel secure and at the same, to him provide assistance in the management.For this ride the new Ranger, Ford’s team of experts made ​​sure that this vehicle is equipped particular set of equipment compatible with its old and new features, and it makes equipment: 17″ wheels, hill descent control , hill-start help, new four-wheel  which could be switched up to a speed of 120 km/h,   knob for the four-wheel drive placement which leads to its reduction ,  trailer stabilizing ,  electric,changeable,heated doorway mirrors.


The interior of 2014 Ford Ranger, except that now roomier and more fun (SUV), especially the “reinforced” in terms of materials used for making the interior. They are extremely durable, and maybe we can say indestructible.

2014 Ford Ranger interior

Besides the economy, a new generation of Ford vehicles are characterized by high standards of security. Numerous awards confirm the efforts and work of the Ford team,and 2014  Ford Ranger safety systems are in no way lagging behind their peers, and in many ways improved compared to its predecessors.Therefore, in addition to seven airbags and the Safety and Security System, inside a modern 2014 Ford Ranger we can find and Audio unit, Sound system with 2-zone automatic environment command, Electrically folding outdoors mirrors, Flexible driver seat ( 8 positions), Leather seats, 3-point seat belt (front/rear), Park Aids System, Rear view camera, Armrest etc.

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